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I'm Michael Stonewall Beaudry and I created Blok M Casting to get whomever you want, whatever it takes, 365 days a year. For commercials, music videos, features, pilots, print, voice over, shorts, web series, live events and the shoots you dream. With the finest actors, the coolest kids, professional athletes, supermodels, comediennes, comedians, names and unknowns. We deliver talent from the biggest agencies and the people we find on social media, at coffee shops, gas stations, parties, deliveries and everyone we come across, everywhere. I've watched folks on six continents and over 50 countries and am certain I have the best job in the world.

As the son of an international attorney and energy negotiator, we moved around. A lot. I was born in Pago Pago, American Samoa, in the South Pacific, went to 1st Grade in Libya, Northern Africa and spent the rest of elementary school on the East and West Coasts of the United States. Junior High was in the Middle East, on the Persian Gulf island Bahrain, followed by High school in Southeast Asia, at the Jakarta Intercultural School, in Indonesia. Studying liberal arts, psychology and plenty of calculus and art, I earned my degree in English and History at Georgetown University, where I also played Division 1 tennis.

After graduation, my first job was as a photojournalist in New England, before relocating to LA and working in TV and Features as a Director of Development at Sunset-Gower Studios. I moved on to International Sales and Domestic Distribution as the VP for Menemsha Films, which received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and/or Best Documentary five straight years.

"Blok M" is a mega shopping district in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. 13 million locals and expats visit Blok M for music, medicine, clothes, cars, cell phones, cosmetics, banking, food, fun and all the other stuff people buy.

If you have a project, we can help. Hit us up 24/7/365.

Member of CCDA (Commercial Casting Director's Association)