some of the stories we tell...


The Gun: Before the Dawn of THE PLANET OF THE APES / Dir. Dylan Southern + Will Lovelace

A proud member of the iconic "Planet of the Apes" family, our Award-Winning short for 20th Century Fox links the first two "Planet of the Apes" reboot films, telling the 10-year odyssey of a gun, as the world is enveloped by the Simian Flu.

Bronze at Cannes Lions
Gold British Arrow
Silver Creative Circle Award

VERDICT / Dir. Joss Whedon. Written and directed by iconic director Joss Whedon, we made this election-year PSA on how the outcome of the nation's voting would affect the Hispanic community.

BECOMING BOND / Dir. Josh Greenbaum. WINNER of the Visions Audience Award at SXSW, "Becoming Bond" is the stranger-than-fiction true story of George Lazenby, a poor Australian car mechanic who landed the role of James Bond, despite having never acted a day in his life. Streaming on Hulu.

DAVID / Dir. Dean Fleischer-Camp

This is the pilot for the acclaimed, darkly comic web series "David", starring Nathan Fielder and Jenny Slate. We cast each episode for Award-Winning writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp (Sundance sensation "Marcel The Shell"). Additional episodes can be viewed on Youtube, Vimeo and numerous other portals.

IT'S TIME / Dir. Emma Holly Jones. For Executive Producer Lena Dunham and Academy Award-Nominated production company Dirty Robber, we found an amazing group of older gals to tell us what it would mean to elect the first woman president.

GREMLINS: RECALL / Dir. Ryan Patrick. Set in present day, 33 years after the original, this is our "sequel" to the iconic '80's gem.HIT TV / Dir. Saman Kesh

From Award-Winning writer/director Saman Kesh, "Hit TV" is an 80's set, proof-of-concept short about a world I in which we should never live.

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE'S "The Odyssey" / Dir. Vincent Haycock.

The 2016 MTV VMA Nominee for "Breakthrough Long Form Video". Within Florence's journey is our videos for "Third Eye" and "Delilah", a 2016 MTV VMA and UK MVA Nominee for "Best Choreography", thanks to the incredible Ryan Heffington.

TOVE LO // Dir. Tim Erem. Starring "Free The Nipple" founder Lina Esco.

GREENPEACE PSA / Dir. Claire Edmondson. Starring Tamir Alai, Jet Martinez and "Free The Nipple" founder Lina Esco.

PUMPKIN / Dir. Brendan Walter.

An obsessed member of a Mel Gibson support group travels back in time, into the body of a 9-year-old girl, setting forth a series of events which ultimately lead to his worst nightmare.


This is a piece we did on what happens to a person over the course of their life, when their tanning bed cooks them like an Easter ham.

LISTEN ADDICTION PSA / Dir. Andy Hines. From Ridley Scott's RSA Films and Black Dog Films comes this poignant PSA on drug addiction.

ONE LOVE "Love Labryrinth" / Dir. Vincent Haycock.

This long-form PSA tells the cautionary story of a young woman in an abusive relationship and the devastating reality of how difficult it is to escape.

VANOSS GAMING Webseries / Dir. Jack Wagner / Anthem Films.

For Evan Fong's Vanoss Gaming, which has over 7 billion views and 21 million subscribers, making it one of those most-watched channels in Youtube history. If you've ever wanted to go to a vocational school to become a superhero, please do NOT enroll in this one.

Additional episodes are attached to the above link.

THEY GROW UP / Dir. Emma Holly Jones

From Academy Award-Nominated Production Company Dirty Robber and director Emma Holly Jones, TGU is the stunning, coming-of-age tale of a girl living under the roof of an abusive father.

HALA / Dir. Minhal Baig

From rising writer/director Minhal Baig, "Hala" is currently set up as a feature film with a major company and tells the delicate, painful story a teenage, Middle Eastern girl living in America.

LOGIC / Short Film Album Trailer / Dir. Andy Hines. We made this short as a teaser for Logic's upcoming album, "Everybody". It's set 300 years in the future and takes a look back at today...

LAY IT ON ME / Dir. Michelle Larkin. A multi-generational story, seen through the life of a mattress, LIOM won "Best Director of a Short Film" and "Best Short" at The International Film Festival Nice.

AFTER SOPHIE / Dir. Minhal Baig. This is the tragic story of Sophie, a high school student who takes her own life, from award-winning director Minhal Baig.

SHAZAM / Dir. Royson Innes

We made this intimate little story about a father tenderly teaching racism to his son, because it just felt right.


We have a number of shorts and pilots in post, including the feature film "Porthole", from writer/director Mark Altman, starring Michael Nathanson ("The Punisher", "The Wolf of Wall Street"...).